Improve customer experience

Chatbot delivers great customer service by responding quickly to your visitors' questions. Set up your database of responses, sit back and let your chatbot interact with your customers.

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Direct relevant information to your customer with chatbot.

Bring relevant information to your customer

A customer has arrived on your website but could not find that specific information. Can you afford to lose the customer because of this? A chatbot can solve the problem!

Chatbot collecting data of visitors.

Generate leads for your business

Chatbot can collect the data of interested visitors.

Chatbot scheduling appointment

Schedule appointment

Someone is intrigued by your content! Chatbot can help customers make bookings for your services or consultations.

Chatbot Management

All of your chatbot responses and behaviours can be configured.

User-friendly dashboard

Manage chatbot responses, data collection and widget configuration from the EazyPanel - an ergonomic web application. Complete control of your chatbot to suit the needs of your website without bothering developers.

Reports and analytics

Examine reports of response accuracy to your visitors, chatbot usage reports and data collection results. Useful for identifying what your visitors are interested to know about.

Service automation

EazyChat chatbots require minimal human intervention to become smarter - they can learn from visitors' feedback and from interactions. What this means is that the longer your chatbot is active, the more accurate the response it gives will be.


Increase your productivity by deflecting 60% of incoming calls and 55% of incoming emails from visitors. Instead, focus only on serious buyers.

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