Automate Customer Dialogue

February 14, 2020

Automated customer dialogues through the use of buttons to qualify customers or to help customers narrow down their queries into specific information can be created using EazyFlow – a tool in the EazyChat dashboard.

Answering frequently asked questions or common queries using a chatbot can reduce the effort and cost for your operations. However, in the case of more “specific” questions – such as “Am I eligible for ICT course if my GPA in 3.8?”, may not be so straightforward.

In the traditional sense of customer service, customers’ questions are answered through conversations. Automate customer dialogues with the use of EazyFlow.

What is Eazyflow?

EazyFlow is a tool that allows users to easily design and create customer dialogue flowcharts which will then be interpreted into button / response interaction in the chatbot.

We will use housing grants from HDB to illustrate. The following information may not be accurate at the point of viewing and should not be used as a point of reference with regards to housing grants from HDB.

Screenshot of an EazyFlow work diagram

EazyFlow starts from the main Master Response that gets triggered from the chatbot user – in this case the intent from the chatbot user is “housing grant eligibility”. You may also configure the response to be triggered when the user ask for “Am I eligible for AHG if I earn x amount?”

The yellow boxes are EazyFlow quick responses. It has two fields, one for the button label (in yellow) and one for the actual quick response you want the chatbot to 

The end point to one of the EazyFlow branches is an existing Master Response

You can also include existing Master Responses into the EazyFlow flow chart. The reason why you may want to do this is because this response may be intended to be triggered by chatbot users directly. Existing Master Response is in light blue color and repeated Master Response will be shown in grey.

Edit existing master response by clicking on the pencil

The pencil icon beside an existing master response will turn the panel purple to denote that you are currently editing its content.

How will chatbot run EazyFlow?

Narrow down information for your customers

Using the EazyFlow, customers can self-serve and quickly find specific information that they want instead of combing websites with extensive information.

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